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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I has nuttin ta say :-(

I feels empty headed. Havent felt like bloggin in forever (as ya'll can see by my lack of new posts). I log in, pull up "create new blog" and then shut-er down cause I has nothin to say. There nothin I CAN say.

Perhaps it is the crisis this country is in and the unbelievable inability of the elected asswipers to do anything that would be in our BENEFIT ... and I is dumbfounded.

Then they goes and blame each other.
*doo pulls out last strands of hair*

I think that if'n I say somethin, somebody will post a comment and tell me I am an idiot -- and trust me, that is entirely possible because Doo-chickie dont doo politics or economics. I is just an ordinary everday common folk who just acts a little uncommon and weird.

I have felt so un-everything lately. We are skeered. Our family truly believes that we are about to have another Depression. I dont there is a big'nuf pill of Zoloft or Prozak that we all can swaller to take care of what has happened to us. There aint no bandaid big enough to fix this ouch.

And then I see them all protestin on TV - the peoples that dont want congress to help the businesses in order to help all of us. And I think, yep, ya'll gonna be the first ta bitch when the inability to fix this here problem sets off a worser problem. Them Congress peoples that didnt pass the bill yesterday didnt do so because of their constituants (((WOW A FIRST))).

So, where does that now leave us today? In worse trouble then we was in in my humblest little ole Doo-pinion.

Them peoples that protestin about Govt helping big business with the bailout dont seem to realize that is who needs the help in order to help us ordinary little peoples. Without them businesses, we screwed. And the bailout even had provisions to keep from screwin us - like the Govt gets back extree what they eventually sells the companies for - and the fat-ass-cats that run them businesses do NOT get any bonuses or fringie benefits no more.

And I bet my bottom dollar they all drivin a Toyota home from the anti-bailout rally and not an American made car.

Okee dokee, I need to go make me a chocolate fattyassed snackie-poo. That'll help.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thank yer lucky stars peoples

Ok, I has a doo-pinion this morning.
Ya'll stand back cause I lettin'er fly.

Elmer and I was watching the news last night, and they had this here story on there that people in the Hurricane Ike devestated parts of Texas were fighting a huge population of jelly fish that were now in their swimming pools. The news reporter used these here words, and yes I quote because I was taping the show right before the news and caught this on tape, so I played it back cause I didnt believes my own ears.

"In past days, there has been an plethora of complaints and 911 calls to the city about snakes, turtles, fish and now jellyfish that had been swept into home-owner's backyard swimming pools by Hurricane Ike flood waters."

The news showed this here dude scoopin jellyfish after jellyfish out his swimming pool and puttin them in nice little buckets and kitchen tupperware bowls to take back out to the gulf shore.

*momentary silence as doo-chickie gathers up breath*

Now, I has heard of the many stupid 911 calls - some been passed around on the email giggles - like the one the dude called 911 when he didnt get the correct sandwich at a Wendy's drive-thru window. If ya'll aint heard that un, it is sure a whopper, um woops, no thats Burger King ...
*doo smiles at her feeble attempt at pun*

But my garsh good God almighteee!

If'n ya survived a hurricane with yer LIFE intact, yer house is a standin UNDAMAGED, and ya gots a fuggin swimmin pool in the backyard - and the onlys damage that ya sustained was some fuggin jelly fishies and turtles a-swimmin in yer pool... and ya gots money and time to spend savin these jelly-sons-a-bitchin fishes in tupperware bowls to take and fuggin dump back inta the Gulf of Mexico on yer days off suppose ta be spendin cleanin up a torn-up town ...

Pulls yer heads out yer asses.

Ya needs to be droppin to yer *ahem* alive and well knees and thankin our WONDERFUL and GRACIOUS LORD for all the things ya has.


Ok, I done.

Doo been upta her ears with work *huge smile* and I just won a huge job ... and since I freelance and work isnt a ever-day occurance and this a big chunka
ka-CHING coin in my pocket, I gotta thank MY lucky stars for being able to doo this new photohog-perfession of mine, and not havin to go back to a boring desk-accounting job. So, since ya knows that now, I may be a bit sporatic in postin but I always here and I always get yer comments :-)

Loves ya'll and has a great day, okee dokee?

Friday, September 19, 2008

the stove

Since I posted 'bout cookin the sauce, I had several requests - so here it is:

It is a 5-Star, 6-burner, small gas oven, warmer drawer under that, large electric convection oven, reversable griddle/grill on the top, and it costed us a vacation.

Serious, a fuggin vacation.

But I LOVE LOVE LOVE it wif all my widdle heart.

I hadda thank Elmer extree for this un. *wink*

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy FriDooDay LOL

I so happy that it Friday! I need some days to sleep in *wink* because I just didnt get enough of them this here week.

I gots a gadfukillion things to accomplish so I has to keep this short and sweet. I promise that next week when I am fully back in the swing and this here house is back in order after the pigs let it get messy, I will chat some more with ya.

Here your Friday5 things about Doo:

I is a gourmet cook.

I has 36-inch inseam legs, yep they long'uns.

I am a artist-photographer, meaning I like doing abstract things and paintings of some of my photo images. I hope to be able to sell them some day.

I haint got no tatoos, and I doubt I ever will. eeee-yuk. I like my purty skin.

I am a Heinz57 person:
part Sweedish, part German, part French Indian.

My Steelers playin in the PA-braggin-rights game against them Philly Eagles. ewwww, big game, McNabb been playin good lately. Gadzuks, I hope we beat them!

Ya'll have a wonderful weekend, be safe and take care.

I'm Back, Back in the DooDah Groove

Man, doo I love the group Kiss ... and when they each stopped in mid-70s (SHUT UP I AM ONLY 28 I TELL YA *snort laffing* ) and each them made their own albums, I thought it would surely be the end of the world as I knew it. I thought they broke up fer good. *wink*

One song in particular from Ace Frehley, Back in the NY Groove, paints a picture of the doo-chickie this mornin. I was singin my fool head off all mornin, it shore a good thing ya'll cant HEAR me.

I swear to my Father in Heaven, this family of mine dont doo isht when I aint around. I spend a coupla days sleepin this cold off, and nothin gots done round here.

Check this out - towels was warshed, half assed folded and left on the fuggin couch:

They done good here, they got the jeans outta the hamper, just forgot to put 'em in the warsher machine:

and here is somebody's unmade bed:

But, I must admit, cleaning this morning aint what kept me from getting the blog up first thing
*giggle*...it were that I been a cookin since 630a whoopin up some more my awesomest spaghetti sauce. Elmer did get offa his arse and picked, peeled and pureed my 'maters in my garden for me while I was sickly, bless his little heart, and so I hadda cook em before they went bad.

Count yerselfs lucky, this here a rare glimpse of doo-chickie, I dont often show off fer ya :-) I donned my apron and fixed up a batch of it, and it is cookin down right now. This is a hugemongous pot that should yield me about 16 quarts.

Didja notice the massivly full garbage behind me in the bathroom? Damm, I just noticed that, looks like I gotta empty that too.

And Mr Sage, I hadda laugh the other day when you said there was always somethin to eat right outside my door. Good guess, I have a freezer right outside my back door on the porch while the garage/barn under construction. Howdja know? Were that you I sawed peekin in my wind'er the other day? *blush*

Ya'll have a great day while I clean the rest this damm house.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


by gosh by gum I is ALIVE

Just thought I'da let ya'll know, cause I aint gonna be visitin ya today, or bloggin much. I got loads of work to catch up, piles and piles on my desk here.

Just this line ta let ya'll know I am okee dokee. Danged ole cold did take me for a loop-da-loop and I slept most of Monday and Tuesday. I doo recommends Alka-Seltzer Plus Night-time for this bug, I tooked it day and night and slept and sweated it out.

Thanks to ya'll who sent the well wishes. *SMOOCHES*

So, see you back here Thursday with a new post.
:-) See ya!

Monday, September 15, 2008

ugh...goin back to bed

somebody done gaved me her stoopid cold.

my ears a'poundin, my nose a'runnin, my throat hurts, it freezin in here.

I knewd I shouldnt not gone into her liar *wink* without chompin some extree vitamin C.

I musta looked like death cause Elmer offered to run the chilrens to school. Doo dont doo the bus thing here, if'n ya seed the drivers here and ya valued yer offspring, ya'd doo the same - I tole ya onest if'n I tole ya twiced, Memfrika a big skeery place and there alota diff'ernt freeky peoples here - they run the gammat from toofless drunkard to Momma's house (ala vicki lawrence) lookin broads - funny they women all particular 'bout their toes being painted all up and all no matter what they looks like. The bigger the broad, the wilder her toes be. Me, I stick au'natural because I got purty toenails. They look all french when they not even done that way. Clean white toenails, no yeller in them a'tall. :-)

(oh yea, I sick and still blabbering, need to go, gotta finish up doo.....)

Anyway, as I sayin, Elmer also musta felt a little more than generous, it n'aint never that he'd offered such a treat for me. I wonderin what he want now.

So, doo is off ta bed and pullin the covers up over my stuffied up head. I will talk acha all later. ahhhh...CHOOOOO!

Friday, September 12, 2008

It all about the Doo

Hey ya'll :-)
I am thankin the Lawd it is finally Friday. This here been a long damm week, I tell ya.

Ike is gonna pour on us up'n here by Memfrika, so I will be stuck *yawn* inside all weekend. Hope ya'll my pallies down there in Texass are hunkered down and safe. I knowd Sage and Anais are there fer sure, dont 'member who else. Be safe dont be stoopid.

Since I been back, I been testin the waters of things to blog about. I tried Tell the Truth Tuesday, No Words Wednesdays and last Friday, I follered the Friday5 and answered 5 questions. I havent decided yet as to what to keep and what not. Perhaps I will just blog about me, I seem to get more traffic and comments when I keep it to me and my weird ramblin on. Ya'll seem to get tickled by what I write when it just looney me.

And I have learnt not to do politics, which I know diddly about. Well, we all has our opinions and I knowd now that you dont wanna hear my take on abortion anymore - hear it anyway - it just plain wrong to kill a life. The Lord puts a sparkly miracle in your body dont ya go and kills it. Done, I said my peace today.

So, I was gonna attempt another Friday5 just because it is answerin questions about doo, but they seemed too stupid for my likin today. I mean, who the flip cares what the cops in the donut shop said? I werent there. I dont know. You interested in Friday5, go to http://www.friday5.org. Trust me, werent worth it tho.

So, I am gonna do a Friday5 about me


I have a purty little brown mole on my tookus.

We has alot of critters. 1 slut puppy, 3 kitties all outdoors (I cant stands cats in the house sittin on my countertops with their dirty little assholes BLECH), 3 rabbits, 5 baby rabbits, 1 birdie (they was up to 5 at one time, they been dyin off. Elmer loves his birds, I hates them. Ya know, they can live for MANY years??) Them are the domestic ones. And I miss the frickin rooster still. Hated him, miss him.

I make killer spaghetti sauce from tomatoes in my garden. We planted 60 plants this year, and the freezer is done filled up. I put meat in it, so I cant can it, I hafta freeze it. They will last until tomato time next year.

I love mint Chapstick. The green one, you cant find it many places.

I is smarter than ya'll think. I had a 4.0 GPA in college. All 3 times I went. Here and ya'll thought I was just a dumb redneck who caint spell worth a lick. I loves to learn. I is a sponge. I believe that you never stop learning.

Well peoples, you know 5 new things about the ole Doo. Ya'll have a good weekend. I loves ya, and hopes the peace of the Lord be with each and ever one ya.

Oh, and GO STEELERS - they playing them dirty Browns Sunday.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

*grumble* I AM NOT OLD i tell ya

The Doo chickie is hating middle age. I aint handlin it well.

This year alone, I have had some miserable things happen to my body.

-I was lookin in the mirror at the back of my hair, and found back fat puddled around my bra. BACK FAT I TELL YA. *hrmmph grumble grumble*

-I weigh the same, it just is shiftin to weird places on my body and my clothes just dont fit the same (ok, I realize that is cause for shopping :-), so I can handle that somewhat, it just the size increase for no apparent reason that buggers me).

-I have found myself shifting from my basic black and brown attire to brighter colors. I think I may have a weird desire to play shuffleboard when I wear my turquoise capri pants and my little silver glittery Gianni Bini cinderella ballet flats.

-I seem to move like a slug lately. And I want to sleep more. Like naps. Naps are unheard of in my vocabulary.

-I want a slut red car. Never mind that it needs to be a Chevy HHR Panel. Elmer says it looks like a hearse. Perhaps that is why I need one so derned bad, I feel like I need to plan my funeral. Still, it is sex-ay as hell, and it aint my usual big dawg black SUV or pick-em-up that I used to choose, and it aint a Soccer Momma van. I see all them middle age dudes, gray and half bald, in the convertables thinkin they all that, and I personally think how effin stupid they look, but I yearn for a mid-life crisis slut-red vehicle in the WORST way.
see? aint it PURTY!!!-->

-Rock and Roll isnt doing it for me anymore. I cant get the Led out like I used to. I find that I listen to NPR more often. And Classical. Well, EllieMayMay is a band geek, and I love love love the music...

-I find myself checkin out some those sexy young things in their 20s. Dammm, I graduated High School in 1982, like what is that, more than 25 years ago? Some my friends have kids that old.

-Dont get me started on checkin out and advisin EllieMayMay on some them HAWT YOUNG HIGH SCHOOL BOYS. HOT DAMMM, THIS COULD BE MY JAM. (an Ellie beeboppin song).

-Speakin of, my love life sucks. I find myself crying over little romantic gestures that I see in the Viagra commercials. Elmer dont doo that isht. He dont have a fuggin romantic bone in his body.

-my gray hairs have increased considerably...including the one I found this morning in my pubes.

-Did you catch that...I found a fucking gray hair in my crotchity area. My perfect little poo-nannie has a frickin oddness to it now.

What ever is a Doo to dooooo?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No Words Wednesday

(i had to remove this because it violated photobucket's sensitive morals)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tell the Truth Tuesday #2

A couple of months ago

...I kissed a girl, and I liked it

I had to go and add the 2nd TtTT because I knowd ya'll didnt like the anti-baby-killin rant on Joe Biden...

Tell the Truth Tuesday

I caught a flippin fishie on the internet news today.

Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic nominee for vice president, declares that as a Catholic, he believes life begins at conception.

He says that he would not "impose" his personal views on others.

Aint that what he in Washington for? To stand up for all of them Catholics who put him there? Because, in all his campaigning all these years, he goes after the Catholic vote. Declaring right there that he is a Catholic.

Didnt he just stand in Wisconsin 2 days ago and blabber on about his middle-class Catholic upbringing - to raving cheers from the mostly Catholic crowd - and his ties to the Roman Catholic Church

And then on TV, he professes that "he did not often talk about his faith,(HUH?!? BALONIE, what did he mean here, not every sentence but EVERY OTHER??) and I again quote "I’m prepared as a matter of faith to accept that life begins at the moment of conception.”

Then how, with a clear conscience, representing those who believe the same, can he vote Pro-Choice every time ... simply because it is the Democratic Party's stance on abortion.

Can you not stand as a man, a Catholic man with stated beliefs, as part of the Democratic party, and make a change that is morally correct? His morals?

He was elected as a Catholic. With Catholic vote. He represents a very Catholic region.

In my mind, he is NOT a Catholic. He is a LIAR.

I think Mr. Obama-lama-ding-dong chose the wrong running mate.

Monday, September 08, 2008

lost marbles

has anybody seen my marbles, i done lost them.

photo borrowed from militantplatypus.com, cause doo give credit where credit due, i knows i hates it when somebody borrows my photos i done tooken without creditin me

i went to a meeting this mornin that is being held tomorrow.

is everbody having a mumbly monday also? hope ya'll havein better one than me.

yee-haw ...
*crickets chirpin*

Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday5 ORANGE

If ya wants to participate, go to: http://friday5.org/

1. What’s your favorite orange-colored food?

2. What’s the best way to drink orange juice?

3. Which candy’s orange-colored pieces taste best?

4. What are your feelings about orange soda?

5. When did you last wear an orange item of clothing?

Don't go an' cheat on us southern womens


A Southern wife came home just in time to find her man under covers with another woman.

With super-human strength, borned of fury and cuttin firewood power, she done dragged his ass down the stair, out the back door, and into the shed out back of the barn.

She put his tally-whacker in a vice and secured it tight and removed the vice's handle.

Next she picked up an old rusted out rickety carpenter's saw. The banged up cheater was skeered outta his wits, and holler'd, "Stop! Stop! You're aint a'gonna cut it off with that rusty damn saw, are ya?"

The wife, with a gleam of revenge in her eye, put the saw in her man's hand and said......

"Nope. I'm gonna set this ole shed on fire, and go inta town for a cold beer. Ya'll can do whatever ya want."

I got my jersey on already

The Doo chickie is an avid NFL fan, and if'n ya knows me well 'nuf, you know who I will be rootin fer on Sunday.

Oh yea, I bleed black and gold. Always have, always will.

...this dude one HOT fukker, just need ta stay off'a his bike, we seed him at a bowling alley with Bettis in Pittsburgh one time, was such a nice young man that when I tooked his pic and thanked him, I gaved his cheekie a squeeze, and gallies believe you me, there weren't no squeeze in that tight arse of his:

...then there is my tazmanian debil boi, he the reason the jersey I wear in bed is #43:

...and this dude, no words can describe him. What a happy fukker. If ya watches NFL and has the pleasure to see him make one of his wild acrobatic catches, you knows that he does ever one with the hugest smile on his face. Even when ya sees him get smacked so hard you go "EW OW" and cover yer eyes and peek to see if he ok, he jumps right back up smilin ear ta ear:

...ok, so we tough, our new coach has his freshman year behind him and has the curve the nerves down and he gonna doo like Roethlisburger did his sophomore yr and get ring #6 for the other hand:

Ya'll probably think I watch football fer the hawt lookin dudes now. Well, kinda sorta. Yee effin HAW it shore nice to see men in tight britches. There aint no mystery about what they packin, if'n ya knows what I mean.

Ya'll have a great weekend, see ya on Monday, and...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

DOOPINION: sexist pig media HRRMPH

I hates politics. I neither a donkey-ass nor an elephant. I concerns myself with one issue politically. Abortion.

The Doo gal is 110% Pro-LIFE. (please please please do not send me comments and isht to try to sway me, I jus' dont wanna hears it, my mind done been made up).

The Obama-Biden ticket is one that I would vote fer cause I just dont like where the Republicans has taken this here country and I dont believe we should be in that derned war, we need to be here protecting us. John McCain is evil W's twin in my mind.

But I cannot doo the Obama-Biden thang because both of them is pro-choice. Therefore, they do not get my vote either.

More-so because Biden is a LIAR because he says he is pro-choice and he is Catholic. There aint no such thing, Doo a Catholic and Doo knows this...if ya believes in the Catholic Doctrine, then ya believes in LIFE. Period, no ifs ands buts about it. But this Doopinion not 'bout Biden or anti-abortion, so I must regress.

(gits to the point now Doo...)

Why on God's great green earth is the media continuing to question Sarah Palin's ability to handle a job and 5 children?

Women do it all the time in the United States.

Single women have jobs and babies and asswipe maniac ex-husbands to deal with (well, I knowed I did).

Good Lawd, dont they knowed it is 2008? That kinda thinkin makes me wonder if'n they aint stuck back in the Little House on the Prairie days and them women folk of theirs aint just barefoot and preggers.

OH LAWD - this picture skeers the isht outta me. She looks like a 2008 gal with her fancy schmancy vaccuum and all, but look at the rest her house! It skreems Leave It To Beaver...where the fukkk is her apron?

Do they not see that there are successful women who balance everything quite nicely? There are women CEOs, women Corporate Presidents, women business owners. They all aint all lezzies - most them has a family and chilrens at home. DUH FUKKIN DUH.

These Archie Bunker-ites need to be strung up and hanged by their teeney weenies.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

No Words Wednesday

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

awww, fug.

now i is back, i finds that i aint got much ta say this morning.

somebody pass me the coffee....

hope all ya'lls down south me done got thru gustov okee dokee. we got lots ya'll up'n here Memfrika area stayin over. ya'll let me know how'd ya fare.
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