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Friday, August 29, 2008

you done sexxxed me up & I's addicted.

Ok folk, I jus' a'heared this un.

David Duchovny has a sex addiction.

First off, WHAT in the HELLLLL he doin ta this ole teacup?

Danged if his gramma gonna be ticked as a rattler inna porcupine nest when she learnt what he done done ta her good china tea cup!

Secondly, lemme say that I'da be much obliged if'n he'da tole me first so's that I coulda hepped him out sum.

I'da not kicked that'un out fer eatin cracker inna my bed, fer sure.

Thirds, WHAT DA FUK is a SEX ADDICTION anyway and where'd ya git inna a rehab center fer it? Oh my good LAWD almighty, is THAT what my problem been all dis time!?!?!?!

Peoples, this is a classic 'sample of Hollyweird and their poor fukkin lame arse excuses fer doin shit they aint'a spose'ta.

Why caint they jus' pull their head out their arses and tells tha truth. he done fucked around on his purty wife. Done got caught.

like a bad habit

I is back

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