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Thursday, September 04, 2008

DOOPINION: sexist pig media HRRMPH

I hates politics. I neither a donkey-ass nor an elephant. I concerns myself with one issue politically. Abortion.

The Doo gal is 110% Pro-LIFE. (please please please do not send me comments and isht to try to sway me, I jus' dont wanna hears it, my mind done been made up).

The Obama-Biden ticket is one that I would vote fer cause I just dont like where the Republicans has taken this here country and I dont believe we should be in that derned war, we need to be here protecting us. John McCain is evil W's twin in my mind.

But I cannot doo the Obama-Biden thang because both of them is pro-choice. Therefore, they do not get my vote either.

More-so because Biden is a LIAR because he says he is pro-choice and he is Catholic. There aint no such thing, Doo a Catholic and Doo knows this...if ya believes in the Catholic Doctrine, then ya believes in LIFE. Period, no ifs ands buts about it. But this Doopinion not 'bout Biden or anti-abortion, so I must regress.

(gits to the point now Doo...)

Why on God's great green earth is the media continuing to question Sarah Palin's ability to handle a job and 5 children?

Women do it all the time in the United States.

Single women have jobs and babies and asswipe maniac ex-husbands to deal with (well, I knowed I did).

Good Lawd, dont they knowed it is 2008? That kinda thinkin makes me wonder if'n they aint stuck back in the Little House on the Prairie days and them women folk of theirs aint just barefoot and preggers.

OH LAWD - this picture skeers the isht outta me. She looks like a 2008 gal with her fancy schmancy vaccuum and all, but look at the rest her house! It skreems Leave It To Beaver...where the fukkk is her apron?

Do they not see that there are successful women who balance everything quite nicely? There are women CEOs, women Corporate Presidents, women business owners. They all aint all lezzies - most them has a family and chilrens at home. DUH FUKKIN DUH.

These Archie Bunker-ites need to be strung up and hanged by their teeney weenies.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well now. You can bet they will crucify her. The liberals HATE strong women. Hate them. The liberals will get the weak woman's vote but the strong will come out to support her.
She kicked ass last night.
We'll see how many women will come and defend her, her rights, her ability to have the same opportunity women have been seeking for years.
And shes frickin HOTTTTTTTT

10:26 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

doo... i could read your writtens' all day long.. you make me laugh till i cry.. nearly pissin' myself... the 'doo's' just crack me the fuck up...

3:54 PM CDT  
Blogger Monogram Queen said...

Honey I would never ever DREAM of trying to change your mind! That would be like spitting in the wind LOL

About my braces, they wore the enamel off of my teeth. Fugged them up but good.

9:41 PM CDT  

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