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Monday, May 07, 2007

Death in the Family

I have had a death in the family, be back as soon as I can.
Blogger love ~ Doo Dah

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Rednekker Sistas

All that I can say 'bout this is that ya HAFTA keep it on to the last second, I skreemed it were so fuggin funny.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sexin Up Wabbits Email

I'm trying to get these damn rabbits knocked up! Shit!

It is fun to have the babies, but remember:
(1) you will loose 1/3 of them in the first couple of weeks - kids will be heartbroken the first couple of times it happens.
(2) they are harder than shit on a stick to get rid of/sell.
:-) All I can tell you is it takes 28 days, and they remain fertile from day they doo it, so separate them once you know the deed has been done.
Any idea how old they are?

I don't think we're even going to tell them until after they come ( if they come)
I'll probably be the one who cries..I'm a sucker like that.
I still can't frickin tell...They all have little thingys poppin out...
I think I'm a " Special needs case"
One of them just keeps humping everything, but the other two could give a shit less.
Will a female hump things?
I'm so lost...

Yes, they all have thingies poppin out, LOL need to look closely at the center of the thingie.
Once you pop the little thinger out, like I told you on the blog, a girl will have a slit like this l (like a human) and a boy will have a round hole like this O and wont really have a yanker come out until he is sexin something else (like a dog yanker). . .and YES they all like humping. We had 2 boys together until they mated with a female, and then had to separate them because one done found his "dominance" and decided he was king-isht of the hutch and 'bout killed the other one fuggin him. I found it utterly disgusting that one boy would take it up the youknowwhat and just sit there. Poor little bottom hadda hurt.

I'm soooooo special...
I'll email you in an hour.
I'm taking these little fuckers to the pet store since I'm retarded

I am snorting laffing at youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. . . time for a drink LOLOL stop at the likker, um, LIQUOR store on yer way back and fetch us something good to shoot.

( time goes by . . . tick tick tick tick )

DAmn it all to hell....3 penises

Some women would love to have 3 penises available............Can I borrow one?

7 Step Program Needed

Ok, now dont ya'll laugh at me, cause it took alot for me to stand here in front of ya and admit my faults (cause I knowed ya'll thought I was perfect) . . . .

I am completely and utterly computer IGNERNT.

Oh, I can get around. It just that I cannot figger this HTML isht out fer nuttin.
So, I wanna fix this fugly ole blog up, cause, ya know, it IS rather boring in the looks department. Being an artist, one would thunk that I could do a graphic. I WANT to be able to take some of my art and photography and do just that. I have loads of pictures that I have played with in Photoshop. I have grand ideas.
It is my age. Yep, I am positive.
My son just had his High School orientation and will be goin off to the BIG school this fall. In reading the curriculum, they dont have "Typing 101" like we did in High School. They have "Keyboarding Class".
And in talking with fellow Bloggers yesterday looking for somebody to help me, seems if you are only 5 years younger than me, ya'll understand this wicked machine and can doo all sorts of cool stuff.
For a price.
So, I am depressed. I feel so completely stoopid.
Not that I cant afford it or dont want to spend it, dont get me wrong if you are the really nice blogger who spent a better part of yesterday emailing back and forth with me about it. Or my pal J from a while ago who seems to have given up on me, we were about to fix up Rooster Noodle Soup back then, and then I dropped out of the Blogdom for my recoup.
Its just that I wish I could doo that stuff myself, 'specially since I am such a creative person artsy-wise.
So, if you see my blog makin some changes soon, just know that some really brilliant computer doode is dooin it and not me. Just remember, Doo is mighty smart and worldly in alot of things, but this computer junk effs up my brain sometin fierce and makes me all dizzy and isht.

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