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Friday, October 03, 2008

76 Trombones . . .

I just loves my girlie bein in Marching Band!

I gets all fired up when they start beatin on them drums. The sound makes me wanna be back in High School again!


Weekends are wearin us plumb out. Friday night football games, eatin out after, competitions out of town, practices after school.

But they the bestest kids in the whole school. Great peers, honor roll kids.

I is so proud my EllieMayMay :-)



Blogger Monogram Queen said...

I always LOVED our band's performances in Highschool and loved seeing my nieces and nephew perform in their band! Yay for Elly May!

8:34 AM CDT  
Blogger wallycrawler said...

My first girl friend dead two weeks ago due to breast cancer.

She had three great kids and one newly born grandchild

She was much loved by her family and friends.

Her death was a huge blow to me because I didn't even know she was sick. She was a very strong, beautiful woman!

6:41 PM CDT  
Blogger Walker said...

We never had a marching band in my high school but I could see how it could be motivating for the crowd.

11:26 PM CDT  
Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oh the drums are my absolute favorite!!!

And my mom is a breast cancer survivor...you bet you little Doo Dah butt I wear my little pink pin! ;)

3:12 PM CDT  
Blogger PBS said...

Aww, good for her to be in the marching band and fun for you! I was in the marching band in high school. It was one of the most fun school-type things I did back then.

8:31 PM CDT  

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