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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tell the Truth Tuesday

I caught a flippin fishie on the internet news today.

Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic nominee for vice president, declares that as a Catholic, he believes life begins at conception.

He says that he would not "impose" his personal views on others.

Aint that what he in Washington for? To stand up for all of them Catholics who put him there? Because, in all his campaigning all these years, he goes after the Catholic vote. Declaring right there that he is a Catholic.

Didnt he just stand in Wisconsin 2 days ago and blabber on about his middle-class Catholic upbringing - to raving cheers from the mostly Catholic crowd - and his ties to the Roman Catholic Church

And then on TV, he professes that "he did not often talk about his faith,(HUH?!? BALONIE, what did he mean here, not every sentence but EVERY OTHER??) and I again quote "I’m prepared as a matter of faith to accept that life begins at the moment of conception.”

Then how, with a clear conscience, representing those who believe the same, can he vote Pro-Choice every time ... simply because it is the Democratic Party's stance on abortion.

Can you not stand as a man, a Catholic man with stated beliefs, as part of the Democratic party, and make a change that is morally correct? His morals?

He was elected as a Catholic. With Catholic vote. He represents a very Catholic region.

In my mind, he is NOT a Catholic. He is a LIAR.

I think Mr. Obama-lama-ding-dong chose the wrong running mate.


Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I don't like ANY of the presidential choices. Any of them, dammit. What's a voter to do???

6:22 AM CDT  
Blogger Monogram Queen said...

I'm with Stacy PQ but i'll make a choice come election day!

6:23 AM CDT  
Blogger Southern Sage said...

Why did he say that?
Well first all of them lie like hell, but it is obvious that the candy assed limp wristed, panty wearing fence riding democrats do it without a seconds remorse.
No catholic anywhere any time can vote for a democrat in good conscious, nor any other christian for that one issue.
Any that do are self over faith.
Just my take.

2:15 PM CDT  

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