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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm Back, Back in the DooDah Groove

Man, doo I love the group Kiss ... and when they each stopped in mid-70s (SHUT UP I AM ONLY 28 I TELL YA *snort laffing* ) and each them made their own albums, I thought it would surely be the end of the world as I knew it. I thought they broke up fer good. *wink*

One song in particular from Ace Frehley, Back in the NY Groove, paints a picture of the doo-chickie this mornin. I was singin my fool head off all mornin, it shore a good thing ya'll cant HEAR me.

I swear to my Father in Heaven, this family of mine dont doo isht when I aint around. I spend a coupla days sleepin this cold off, and nothin gots done round here.

Check this out - towels was warshed, half assed folded and left on the fuggin couch:

They done good here, they got the jeans outta the hamper, just forgot to put 'em in the warsher machine:

and here is somebody's unmade bed:

But, I must admit, cleaning this morning aint what kept me from getting the blog up first thing
*giggle*...it were that I been a cookin since 630a whoopin up some more my awesomest spaghetti sauce. Elmer did get offa his arse and picked, peeled and pureed my 'maters in my garden for me while I was sickly, bless his little heart, and so I hadda cook em before they went bad.

Count yerselfs lucky, this here a rare glimpse of doo-chickie, I dont often show off fer ya :-) I donned my apron and fixed up a batch of it, and it is cookin down right now. This is a hugemongous pot that should yield me about 16 quarts.

Didja notice the massivly full garbage behind me in the bathroom? Damm, I just noticed that, looks like I gotta empty that too.

And Mr Sage, I hadda laugh the other day when you said there was always somethin to eat right outside my door. Good guess, I have a freezer right outside my back door on the porch while the garage/barn under construction. Howdja know? Were that you I sawed peekin in my wind'er the other day? *blush*

Ya'll have a great day while I clean the rest this damm house.


Blogger Ana├»s Satire said...

I just so heart Doo. I do. *smiles*

Your wit, charisma, class and divine personality make me miss my Georgia family. :)


Tell Elmer pull another chair out, I am comin' fer' supa'.

11:59 AM CDT  
Blogger Monogram Queen said...

You are such a busy bee - so industrious. I'm jealous!
You can email my friend at monogramsbygail@yahoo.com and see if you can order one of those purses. Sometimes she has a limited number of certain items.

12:01 PM CDT  
Blogger Al said...

Damn, that's one tasty lookin' pot O sauce. And a pretty saucy lookin' cook too.

What time's dinner?

Do I have to do chores to get fed?

12:40 PM CDT  
Blogger Ella said...

i can't even seem to get the towels in the wash much less my pile of jeans. *hmpfh*

3:57 PM CDT  
Blogger Terry (aka) Big Daddy said...

If you play KISS and do what you do...

You can't go wrong babe...

I have seen them in concert twice back in the 80's. Best show I ever went too...

Still love them to this day. It pissed me off when they took their make up off. But they had the best show of any band around.

I'm going to add your link to my main blog, MacDaddy's Grill.


You're fun to read.


9:08 PM CDT  
Blogger Memphis Steve said...

So, you don't work much, do ya?


Yeah, I know you could find my house if you had to. Don't hate. I was joking.

12:21 AM CDT  
Blogger Walker said...

I want your stove.
I love to cook and that stove is just what I need to whip up the food i like to cook.

That's the same size pot I use for my junk yard stews for the winter that I make and leave in the fridge for everyone to have a bowl of on cold days.

1:24 PM CDT  

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