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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I is plum wore out

I is so sorry peoples . . .

I is the biggest blog-slakker.

I is plum wore out.

I picked up a photo-hog job doing portraits for a local school extree-curricular activity group and been shooting ever day. And I gots 2 more schools askin to do theirs also.

Since I is a one-woman show, I gets to do all the photo-shootin proof-makin croppin zit-repairin touch-uppin portrait-finishin all by myselfs.


but DUDE I can smells the MONEY and that make the Doo-chickie HAP-HAP-HAPPY!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008



Well, doo-follers, about early next week I should be back in full blogging mode again. I appreciate those who has passed thru and left their comments. I will be makin my rounds again too visitin ya'll soon. I am gonna hafta spend an entire day catchin up on all the posts I has missed on ya'lls blogs. I'd better get them readin spectacles all cleaned and ready....

See ya'll real soon!

Friday, October 03, 2008

76 Trombones . . .

I just loves my girlie bein in Marching Band!

I gets all fired up when they start beatin on them drums. The sound makes me wanna be back in High School again!


Weekends are wearin us plumb out. Friday night football games, eatin out after, competitions out of town, practices after school.

But they the bestest kids in the whole school. Great peers, honor roll kids.

I is so proud my EllieMayMay :-)


Thursday, October 02, 2008


Just a wee ittle reminder to everbody that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Please do what you can to help this worthy cause. Donate, or make others aware. All month. Dont stop.

It might be yo momma, your sister, your beautimous daughter.

This killer of womens is specially close to the doo-chickie heart. I has had several non-cancerous-lumpers removed (THANK GOD NO CANCER), my SIL suffered for more than a year from breast cancer and is a survivor (YAY!!!!), but I has lost a dear friend and my bestest bud's momma. I have several pallies at church who have gone thru it or are going thru tests now.

It touches us all.

So, wear a pink ribbon. I bought us 4 metal pins, mine and EllieMayMay's is sparkly :-) but my men folk even wearin their plain ones on their shirts eversingleday.

This public announcement comes straight to ya from ole DooDah's heart. I is gonna put the pink ribbon on all posts all month long.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

~~ Only in Memfrika ~~

I lovingly stole this here pic from Boobs Injuries and Dr Pepper

Suffice to say, this is our world here in Hell, Tennessee.

Ok, so I have no words to go with this post.

Ya'll wanna see exactly what I am talkin about, go HERE.

OH MY GOOD GRAVY . . . Doo is speechless.
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