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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I has nuttin ta say :-(

I feels empty headed. Havent felt like bloggin in forever (as ya'll can see by my lack of new posts). I log in, pull up "create new blog" and then shut-er down cause I has nothin to say. There nothin I CAN say.

Perhaps it is the crisis this country is in and the unbelievable inability of the elected asswipers to do anything that would be in our BENEFIT ... and I is dumbfounded.

Then they goes and blame each other.
*doo pulls out last strands of hair*

I think that if'n I say somethin, somebody will post a comment and tell me I am an idiot -- and trust me, that is entirely possible because Doo-chickie dont doo politics or economics. I is just an ordinary everday common folk who just acts a little uncommon and weird.

I have felt so un-everything lately. We are skeered. Our family truly believes that we are about to have another Depression. I dont there is a big'nuf pill of Zoloft or Prozak that we all can swaller to take care of what has happened to us. There aint no bandaid big enough to fix this ouch.

And then I see them all protestin on TV - the peoples that dont want congress to help the businesses in order to help all of us. And I think, yep, ya'll gonna be the first ta bitch when the inability to fix this here problem sets off a worser problem. Them Congress peoples that didnt pass the bill yesterday didnt do so because of their constituants (((WOW A FIRST))).

So, where does that now leave us today? In worse trouble then we was in in my humblest little ole Doo-pinion.

Them peoples that protestin about Govt helping big business with the bailout dont seem to realize that is who needs the help in order to help us ordinary little peoples. Without them businesses, we screwed. And the bailout even had provisions to keep from screwin us - like the Govt gets back extree what they eventually sells the companies for - and the fat-ass-cats that run them businesses do NOT get any bonuses or fringie benefits no more.

And I bet my bottom dollar they all drivin a Toyota home from the anti-bailout rally and not an American made car.

Okee dokee, I need to go make me a chocolate fattyassed snackie-poo. That'll help.


Blogger Al said...

I think we ought to make all the fat cats that got us into this mess wear clown suits and drive clown cars and panhandle for a living.

8:15 AM CDT  
Anonymous AnonTwat said...

I think Doo has a lot on her mind and don't wanna 'let it all out'. And that is okay too.

But Doo oughta' know that I doo too. And I am glad to be in good company with Doo.

Hugs Baby Girl.

10:13 AM CDT  
Blogger PBS said...

Glad you wanted to post today! Yep, I'm worried about finances too, for myself, my Mom's retirement money which is in mutuals and for ALL of us "common" people.

10:50 AM CDT  
Blogger Monogram Queen said...

You have just cheered me up by pointing out that "stressed" is "desserts" spelled backwards! Thank you so much Doo!

11:56 AM CDT  
Blogger Walker said...

I think they closed their eyes for so long they became blind to the tr8uth until its to late.
There will have to be a bail out but there has to be some sort of retuirn for this.
They have to borrow money to do this and givng up the futures of your children shouldn't be on the barganing table.

12:56 AM CDT  
Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Rum always makes me feel better. lots and lots of rum. ;)

8:02 AM CDT  

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