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Wednesday, October 08, 2008



Well, doo-follers, about early next week I should be back in full blogging mode again. I appreciate those who has passed thru and left their comments. I will be makin my rounds again too visitin ya'll soon. I am gonna hafta spend an entire day catchin up on all the posts I has missed on ya'lls blogs. I'd better get them readin spectacles all cleaned and ready....

See ya'll real soon!


Blogger Monogram Queen said...

At least you are keeping us in the loop 'preciate it!

12:11 PM CDT  
Blogger Walker said...

Take your time Im trying to catch up myself LOL

4:30 PM CDT  
Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I have a little plaque by my office door that has my suite number on it. There's a nice big blank space underneath the suite number for our names (but they never bothered to have them filled out).

I went on-line and found some cute sayings for me and my boss...so I printed them out and stuck them where our names should've been.

Mine says: "Cleverly disguised as an adult".

My bosses says: "My Indian Name Is: RunsWithBeer".


They've been up there for months. I LOVE being immature sometimes...;)

8:30 AM CDT  
Blogger Southern Sage said...

Don't be frettin catchin up on my bloggy, itsa bunch babblin, pissin anda moanin, bout the politikkers.

Some nekkid folks scaatter'd amongst the rantin anda ravin tho!

3:12 PM CDT  
Blogger Nonblond said...

Life without immaturity is really not a life worth living.

6:05 PM CDT  
Blogger Big Pissy said...

I'm trying to catch up too! :)

10:16 AM CDT  
Blogger PBS said...

I need to catch up too. Life-long immaturity has worked for me, sort of.

10:18 AM CDT  
Blogger Ella said...

i think it should be a rule that anyone who comments on your blog has to do so in "doo-speak" like southern sage did!

8:42 PM CDT  
Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Okay, now it's the MIDDLE of next week. What's up, Doo???

7:31 AM CDT  
Blogger Walker said...

I said take your time noot run off with the circus

2:58 PM CDT  

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