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Friday, September 12, 2008

It all about the Doo

Hey ya'll :-)
I am thankin the Lawd it is finally Friday. This here been a long damm week, I tell ya.

Ike is gonna pour on us up'n here by Memfrika, so I will be stuck *yawn* inside all weekend. Hope ya'll my pallies down there in Texass are hunkered down and safe. I knowd Sage and Anais are there fer sure, dont 'member who else. Be safe dont be stoopid.

Since I been back, I been testin the waters of things to blog about. I tried Tell the Truth Tuesday, No Words Wednesdays and last Friday, I follered the Friday5 and answered 5 questions. I havent decided yet as to what to keep and what not. Perhaps I will just blog about me, I seem to get more traffic and comments when I keep it to me and my weird ramblin on. Ya'll seem to get tickled by what I write when it just looney me.

And I have learnt not to do politics, which I know diddly about. Well, we all has our opinions and I knowd now that you dont wanna hear my take on abortion anymore - hear it anyway - it just plain wrong to kill a life. The Lord puts a sparkly miracle in your body dont ya go and kills it. Done, I said my peace today.

So, I was gonna attempt another Friday5 just because it is answerin questions about doo, but they seemed too stupid for my likin today. I mean, who the flip cares what the cops in the donut shop said? I werent there. I dont know. You interested in Friday5, go to http://www.friday5.org. Trust me, werent worth it tho.

So, I am gonna do a Friday5 about me


I have a purty little brown mole on my tookus.

We has alot of critters. 1 slut puppy, 3 kitties all outdoors (I cant stands cats in the house sittin on my countertops with their dirty little assholes BLECH), 3 rabbits, 5 baby rabbits, 1 birdie (they was up to 5 at one time, they been dyin off. Elmer loves his birds, I hates them. Ya know, they can live for MANY years??) Them are the domestic ones. And I miss the frickin rooster still. Hated him, miss him.

I make killer spaghetti sauce from tomatoes in my garden. We planted 60 plants this year, and the freezer is done filled up. I put meat in it, so I cant can it, I hafta freeze it. They will last until tomato time next year.

I love mint Chapstick. The green one, you cant find it many places.

I is smarter than ya'll think. I had a 4.0 GPA in college. All 3 times I went. Here and ya'll thought I was just a dumb redneck who caint spell worth a lick. I loves to learn. I is a sponge. I believe that you never stop learning.

Well peoples, you know 5 new things about the ole Doo. Ya'll have a good weekend. I loves ya, and hopes the peace of the Lord be with each and ever one ya.

Oh, and GO STEELERS - they playing them dirty Browns Sunday.


Blogger kittie said...

ah hah - turns out I did find you via little ms dragon after all!!

And now I know even more... ;)

9:36 AM CDT  
Blogger PBS said...

You're right, I just love reading your candid conversation! I like mint Chapstick too, but it certainly IS hard to find. Normally have to settle for something lesser. I only planted six tomato plants this year and had to pick most of them off already (while still green) because of frost warnings. Hope the bad storms stay away from you and the Steelers win!

10:12 AM CDT  
Blogger Anaïs Satire said...

whooooo i gots a mention!! fuckineh' doggie!!

hmph. clears throat. okay.. im good...

Dat' storm better piss and rain its lil heart out.. my green plush grass needs some water, the kind that MommaMe don't have to pay $5 a gallon to sprinkle its tinkle on my lawn... so rain mo fo rain...

if i float away, dontchu' worry..this gal has a laptop, wi-fi'ing my little heart out.. with any luck ill float to DooLand and gets me some yumyum sketti..could i have angle hair please? i gag on that soft doughy noodle shite.

and Anais knew Doo was a smart gal... Anyone who can 'write' like a redneck has to have a 4.0 GPA and a bachelors in Stupidology. :) The patience of Job. :)

Now.. if you can mail me a bunny, i have two girls that are BEGGING me for a rabbit.. ug.

10:56 AM CDT  
Blogger Walker said...

I like reading about people's lives, i find them more interesting.
All those blog thingies are ok but everyone does them and they get stale after awhile after looking at roughly the same thing blog after blog.
But it is your blog and you can do what you want to :)

11:23 AM CDT  
Blogger Doo Dah said...

kittie: I love your blog, I fixin the steak piepie this weekend.

PBJ: Walgreens. I buy like 20 at a time.

Anais: They are at 8wks this weekend, gotta go. UPS?

Walker: That is why I dont care too much for HNT anymore. I used to partake and lookielookie, but it is the same every week. *yawn* Except little miss Anais there (2nd mention, I deserve payback now) that dern photo she tooken of herself is fuggin wild. I swallered my tongue.

11:31 AM CDT  
Blogger Anaïs Satire said...

UPS will work.. surely they wont smush them?!

11:40 AM CDT  
Blogger Southern Sage said...

Well Sweet Lips I'ma cracka... A fl cracka!
We get them wet blowers along and long but this'n is a fer piece from my shanty!
I'm wonderin about hat tookus mole a lil bit too.

knowed way up front you wasa edukated chickie and they learned you good down to the skool house, yes'm I most surely did.

Sounds like supper is always right out the back door at ur place, cep them cats, I ain't a chinese cracka!

have a good weekend!!

12:14 PM CDT  

I have 5 slutty k9 babies...and breasts r heading south...& i reaaly need that green chapstick...green tea flavor I assume,lots of antioxidant??? Hee...!

Thank you! Finally I have my own blog running...feel free to check it out OK... leave a comment or two will ya' I'm lonely...heehee!

Take care sweetie! ~L*

4:22 PM CDT  

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