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Thursday, October 02, 2008


Just a wee ittle reminder to everbody that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Please do what you can to help this worthy cause. Donate, or make others aware. All month. Dont stop.

It might be yo momma, your sister, your beautimous daughter.

This killer of womens is specially close to the doo-chickie heart. I has had several non-cancerous-lumpers removed (THANK GOD NO CANCER), my SIL suffered for more than a year from breast cancer and is a survivor (YAY!!!!), but I has lost a dear friend and my bestest bud's momma. I have several pallies at church who have gone thru it or are going thru tests now.

It touches us all.

So, wear a pink ribbon. I bought us 4 metal pins, mine and EllieMayMay's is sparkly :-) but my men folk even wearin their plain ones on their shirts eversingleday.

This public announcement comes straight to ya from ole DooDah's heart. I is gonna put the pink ribbon on all posts all month long.


Blogger Al said...

In support of awareness, I am offering free breast exams all month.
Who smacked me?

8:14 AM CDT  
Blogger Walker said...

My family are supporters of this good cause and cancer is not only a problem women face,
Like most cancers they don;t desciminate when it comes to its victoms

10:25 AM CDT  
Blogger Prica said...

thanx for the reminder and stopping by!
I'll be visiting you and please post lots of photos...have no fear!!

12:21 PM CDT  
Blogger Nonblond said...

Great reminder and so great to see you blogging again!

7:30 PM CDT  
Blogger Monogram Queen said...

My Momma is a two-time breast cancer survivor who lost a breast each time but we are so blessed to still have her with us. Thanks for reminding everyone Doo!

8:34 AM CDT  
Blogger PBS said...

I have a friend who lost her mother to breast cancer at the age of only 51 years old. Partly it was because she had no health insurance and the treatment options were limited. Now there are two sweet little children growing up without their grandmother. So sad and so unnecessary.

8:34 PM CDT  

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