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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I is plum wore out

I is so sorry peoples . . .

I is the biggest blog-slakker.

I is plum wore out.

I picked up a photo-hog job doing portraits for a local school extree-curricular activity group and been shooting ever day. And I gots 2 more schools askin to do theirs also.

Since I is a one-woman show, I gets to do all the photo-shootin proof-makin croppin zit-repairin touch-uppin portrait-finishin all by myselfs.


but DUDE I can smells the MONEY and that make the Doo-chickie HAP-HAP-HAPPY!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008



Well, doo-follers, about early next week I should be back in full blogging mode again. I appreciate those who has passed thru and left their comments. I will be makin my rounds again too visitin ya'll soon. I am gonna hafta spend an entire day catchin up on all the posts I has missed on ya'lls blogs. I'd better get them readin spectacles all cleaned and ready....

See ya'll real soon!

Friday, October 03, 2008

76 Trombones . . .

I just loves my girlie bein in Marching Band!

I gets all fired up when they start beatin on them drums. The sound makes me wanna be back in High School again!


Weekends are wearin us plumb out. Friday night football games, eatin out after, competitions out of town, practices after school.

But they the bestest kids in the whole school. Great peers, honor roll kids.

I is so proud my EllieMayMay :-)


Thursday, October 02, 2008


Just a wee ittle reminder to everbody that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Please do what you can to help this worthy cause. Donate, or make others aware. All month. Dont stop.

It might be yo momma, your sister, your beautimous daughter.

This killer of womens is specially close to the doo-chickie heart. I has had several non-cancerous-lumpers removed (THANK GOD NO CANCER), my SIL suffered for more than a year from breast cancer and is a survivor (YAY!!!!), but I has lost a dear friend and my bestest bud's momma. I have several pallies at church who have gone thru it or are going thru tests now.

It touches us all.

So, wear a pink ribbon. I bought us 4 metal pins, mine and EllieMayMay's is sparkly :-) but my men folk even wearin their plain ones on their shirts eversingleday.

This public announcement comes straight to ya from ole DooDah's heart. I is gonna put the pink ribbon on all posts all month long.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

~~ Only in Memfrika ~~

I lovingly stole this here pic from Boobs Injuries and Dr Pepper

Suffice to say, this is our world here in Hell, Tennessee.

Ok, so I have no words to go with this post.

Ya'll wanna see exactly what I am talkin about, go HERE.

OH MY GOOD GRAVY . . . Doo is speechless.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I has nuttin ta say :-(

I feels empty headed. Havent felt like bloggin in forever (as ya'll can see by my lack of new posts). I log in, pull up "create new blog" and then shut-er down cause I has nothin to say. There nothin I CAN say.

Perhaps it is the crisis this country is in and the unbelievable inability of the elected asswipers to do anything that would be in our BENEFIT ... and I is dumbfounded.

Then they goes and blame each other.
*doo pulls out last strands of hair*

I think that if'n I say somethin, somebody will post a comment and tell me I am an idiot -- and trust me, that is entirely possible because Doo-chickie dont doo politics or economics. I is just an ordinary everday common folk who just acts a little uncommon and weird.

I have felt so un-everything lately. We are skeered. Our family truly believes that we are about to have another Depression. I dont there is a big'nuf pill of Zoloft or Prozak that we all can swaller to take care of what has happened to us. There aint no bandaid big enough to fix this ouch.

And then I see them all protestin on TV - the peoples that dont want congress to help the businesses in order to help all of us. And I think, yep, ya'll gonna be the first ta bitch when the inability to fix this here problem sets off a worser problem. Them Congress peoples that didnt pass the bill yesterday didnt do so because of their constituants (((WOW A FIRST))).

So, where does that now leave us today? In worse trouble then we was in in my humblest little ole Doo-pinion.

Them peoples that protestin about Govt helping big business with the bailout dont seem to realize that is who needs the help in order to help us ordinary little peoples. Without them businesses, we screwed. And the bailout even had provisions to keep from screwin us - like the Govt gets back extree what they eventually sells the companies for - and the fat-ass-cats that run them businesses do NOT get any bonuses or fringie benefits no more.

And I bet my bottom dollar they all drivin a Toyota home from the anti-bailout rally and not an American made car.

Okee dokee, I need to go make me a chocolate fattyassed snackie-poo. That'll help.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thank yer lucky stars peoples

Ok, I has a doo-pinion this morning.
Ya'll stand back cause I lettin'er fly.

Elmer and I was watching the news last night, and they had this here story on there that people in the Hurricane Ike devestated parts of Texas were fighting a huge population of jelly fish that were now in their swimming pools. The news reporter used these here words, and yes I quote because I was taping the show right before the news and caught this on tape, so I played it back cause I didnt believes my own ears.

"In past days, there has been an plethora of complaints and 911 calls to the city about snakes, turtles, fish and now jellyfish that had been swept into home-owner's backyard swimming pools by Hurricane Ike flood waters."

The news showed this here dude scoopin jellyfish after jellyfish out his swimming pool and puttin them in nice little buckets and kitchen tupperware bowls to take back out to the gulf shore.

*momentary silence as doo-chickie gathers up breath*

Now, I has heard of the many stupid 911 calls - some been passed around on the email giggles - like the one the dude called 911 when he didnt get the correct sandwich at a Wendy's drive-thru window. If ya'll aint heard that un, it is sure a whopper, um woops, no thats Burger King ...
*doo smiles at her feeble attempt at pun*

But my garsh good God almighteee!

If'n ya survived a hurricane with yer LIFE intact, yer house is a standin UNDAMAGED, and ya gots a fuggin swimmin pool in the backyard - and the onlys damage that ya sustained was some fuggin jelly fishies and turtles a-swimmin in yer pool... and ya gots money and time to spend savin these jelly-sons-a-bitchin fishes in tupperware bowls to take and fuggin dump back inta the Gulf of Mexico on yer days off suppose ta be spendin cleanin up a torn-up town ...

Pulls yer heads out yer asses.

Ya needs to be droppin to yer *ahem* alive and well knees and thankin our WONDERFUL and GRACIOUS LORD for all the things ya has.


Ok, I done.

Doo been upta her ears with work *huge smile* and I just won a huge job ... and since I freelance and work isnt a ever-day occurance and this a big chunka
ka-CHING coin in my pocket, I gotta thank MY lucky stars for being able to doo this new photohog-perfession of mine, and not havin to go back to a boring desk-accounting job. So, since ya knows that now, I may be a bit sporatic in postin but I always here and I always get yer comments :-)

Loves ya'll and has a great day, okee dokee?

Friday, September 19, 2008

the stove

Since I posted 'bout cookin the sauce, I had several requests - so here it is:

It is a 5-Star, 6-burner, small gas oven, warmer drawer under that, large electric convection oven, reversable griddle/grill on the top, and it costed us a vacation.

Serious, a fuggin vacation.

But I LOVE LOVE LOVE it wif all my widdle heart.

I hadda thank Elmer extree for this un. *wink*

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy FriDooDay LOL

I so happy that it Friday! I need some days to sleep in *wink* because I just didnt get enough of them this here week.

I gots a gadfukillion things to accomplish so I has to keep this short and sweet. I promise that next week when I am fully back in the swing and this here house is back in order after the pigs let it get messy, I will chat some more with ya.

Here your Friday5 things about Doo:

I is a gourmet cook.

I has 36-inch inseam legs, yep they long'uns.

I am a artist-photographer, meaning I like doing abstract things and paintings of some of my photo images. I hope to be able to sell them some day.

I haint got no tatoos, and I doubt I ever will. eeee-yuk. I like my purty skin.

I am a Heinz57 person:
part Sweedish, part German, part French Indian.

My Steelers playin in the PA-braggin-rights game against them Philly Eagles. ewwww, big game, McNabb been playin good lately. Gadzuks, I hope we beat them!

Ya'll have a wonderful weekend, be safe and take care.

I'm Back, Back in the DooDah Groove

Man, doo I love the group Kiss ... and when they each stopped in mid-70s (SHUT UP I AM ONLY 28 I TELL YA *snort laffing* ) and each them made their own albums, I thought it would surely be the end of the world as I knew it. I thought they broke up fer good. *wink*

One song in particular from Ace Frehley, Back in the NY Groove, paints a picture of the doo-chickie this mornin. I was singin my fool head off all mornin, it shore a good thing ya'll cant HEAR me.

I swear to my Father in Heaven, this family of mine dont doo isht when I aint around. I spend a coupla days sleepin this cold off, and nothin gots done round here.

Check this out - towels was warshed, half assed folded and left on the fuggin couch:

They done good here, they got the jeans outta the hamper, just forgot to put 'em in the warsher machine:

and here is somebody's unmade bed:

But, I must admit, cleaning this morning aint what kept me from getting the blog up first thing
*giggle*...it were that I been a cookin since 630a whoopin up some more my awesomest spaghetti sauce. Elmer did get offa his arse and picked, peeled and pureed my 'maters in my garden for me while I was sickly, bless his little heart, and so I hadda cook em before they went bad.

Count yerselfs lucky, this here a rare glimpse of doo-chickie, I dont often show off fer ya :-) I donned my apron and fixed up a batch of it, and it is cookin down right now. This is a hugemongous pot that should yield me about 16 quarts.

Didja notice the massivly full garbage behind me in the bathroom? Damm, I just noticed that, looks like I gotta empty that too.

And Mr Sage, I hadda laugh the other day when you said there was always somethin to eat right outside my door. Good guess, I have a freezer right outside my back door on the porch while the garage/barn under construction. Howdja know? Were that you I sawed peekin in my wind'er the other day? *blush*

Ya'll have a great day while I clean the rest this damm house.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


by gosh by gum I is ALIVE

Just thought I'da let ya'll know, cause I aint gonna be visitin ya today, or bloggin much. I got loads of work to catch up, piles and piles on my desk here.

Just this line ta let ya'll know I am okee dokee. Danged ole cold did take me for a loop-da-loop and I slept most of Monday and Tuesday. I doo recommends Alka-Seltzer Plus Night-time for this bug, I tooked it day and night and slept and sweated it out.

Thanks to ya'll who sent the well wishes. *SMOOCHES*

So, see you back here Thursday with a new post.
:-) See ya!
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