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Thursday, May 11, 2006

no I didnt forget HNT

yes I know it is HNT.
I am protesting Chris being voted off
American Idol last night.
That completely SUCKS.
That, and I had major dental work done this morning,
3hrs 25 minutes with my mouth open.
The Bourbon and Coke isnt helping much. . . . . .
yet. . . . . . . but I cannot feel my toes anymore.
then I didnt like my toenail color so I paintbrushed
them to match my shoes.
I am woman, I can do that, hear me ROAR
hee hee heeeee YEE FUCKIN HAW!


Blogger poody said...

I am so mad girl! I got my hair up and my shoes off now I just need someone to hold my baby and I am ready to come out swinging!! I love Chris. Now I have to go and vote for Taylor. He is good and would so fit in to the Austin scene.P.S. Love the shoes and the polish. The whiskey ain't too bad either!!

6:39 PM CDT  
Blogger poody said...

Did you sign up for the next secret pals??

6:40 PM CDT  
Blogger Chelle said...

Whoo hooo...love the blue nails!!!


7:27 PM CDT  
Blogger Phain said...

remind me to never ask you for a pedicure... *grin*

7:43 PM CDT  
Blogger shutterbugger said...

I am LMFAO at my paintbrush toemails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Le Chat, come down an I give you mancure baby ten dollah ten dollah

8:02 PM CDT  
Blogger shutterbugger said...


8:02 PM CDT  
Blogger PDD said...

That's it, I am goint to the dentist tomorrow just so that I can have an excuse to drink Makers Mark Whiskey, even though I have never heard of such a whiskey. Maybe I'll just have a bottle of Shiraz... or two...

9:14 PM CDT  
Blogger PDD said...

going not goint, sorry.

9:15 PM CDT  
Blogger Nonblond said...

WOW--wild feet! Love 'em! I too am mourning the loss of Chris...

10:53 AM CDT  
Blogger Molly said...

yummmmmmmm Makers Mark!

Love the pic :)

10:59 AM CDT  
Blogger patti_cake said...

Ha Haaaa you crack my ass up woman. I'm glad I found your blog

7:30 PM CDT  

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