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Friday, May 05, 2006

I Hates Fightin but I Will Not B a Target

ahhhh, my dear L, but I believe that I know you better than most.

You are correct, Ch, dont like it dont read it, and I didnt read L's blog for several days, biting my tongue.

Curiosity got the cat, I guess, because knowing L the way that I do, I really thought he would be the good guy and admit and/or delete, but I came back to blaming others and the pals knowing everything.

You see, I agree with ya'll that L is deep and really a great dude. I was simply disappointed he blamed others. Why did he jump to the stark and fast conclusion that he was done with blogging, before this all erupted, you ask?

L knows. And so do I.

As far as the rest of ya that jumped to a conclusion about me, oh well, my life and blog goes on. I really am sorry that you feel that way.

So, I say to you all, and especially L, may peace be with you. And as K says....BLOG ON!


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