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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I just watched this movie, and am giving it a DOO DAH THUMBS UP.

Orlando Bloom is great.
Kirsten Dunst I can do without. I never have liked her.

The scenes with Drew and his father memories are outstanding. Then the drive home was awesome.

I have a list of songs that I want played at my funeral (I have given them to my brother, who happens to be a DJ) and I have now added one from my High School days - FREEBIRD.

When they played that song, I bawled. SO AWESOME!


Blogger Chelle said...

OMG I loved that movie!!! So much I bought it...AND the soundtrack :) I never really cared for Orlando Bloom til this movie :) It was great!

10:27 PM CDT  
Blogger poody said...

I loved the movie too. Her teeth kind of work me a little ya know. I have always said I want The Thrill is Gone by BB king at my funeral.Best song ever.

5:39 PM CDT  

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