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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Me as a Japanese Graphic

LOL, I cant remember who'se blog I was on when I found this website, but daughter Ellie Mae and me, well we had a TON of fun dressin this thing up and doin it's hair-do and all. You even can change eye and nose structures to fit yer likeness.

Anyway, this is a pert near good likeness of me, overalls and bare feet, camera in tow. Now ya has seen me twiced in one week, and I haint seen YOU.

If'n ya wants to do this (girls AND BOYS) it is at http://elouai.com/dollmakers/new-dollmakers.php it shore nuf is a kick in the pants.


Blogger Caren's Corner said...

FUN!!!! I'll definitly have to try this out real soon!! :)

That picture is so fitting..and it really does kinda look like you!

11:51 AM CDT  

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