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Friday, February 24, 2006

My Daily Constitutional

Well, folks, I have gained considerable weight over the winter,, and the ole overalls aint a fittin so good no mo. Now, I am a tall woman, and ya'll might not SEE it on me, but I can sure nuf feels it. I feel like a SLUG.

So, I have taken to walkin this beautiful 20 acres of mine. Yep, weather is fine, and soon so shall I be.

So, as is a walkin this morning, a thought strikes me in the head. Wait, nope it was one of those flucking gum balls. Now, having lived all my life up North (transplanted down here 10 years ago), the goal in my life has become the eradication of suck a stupid flucking tree. Now, you who dont have the distinct pleasure of living down here, let me fill you in on what I call "DEVIL'S BALLS". Take a look see:

This seed from HELL has twisted my freekin ankle more times than I can count. Now, mighty oaks put out alot of acorns, but these stuppid arse gunfuckingball trees put out a bazillion of these slutseeds and I cannot for the life of me figure out the beginning and end of seed droppin season. They fall ALL FUCKING YEAR LONG.

OK, that is out my system, mooooooooving along. . . . . . . .

First thing I sees on my constitutional this morning is Ellie's dead snowman. I said a small prayer, and covered his eyes with the bicycle hat. Damn if'n I know why the deer h'aint ate the carrot, they sure do like all the other vegitation on my property. Any who, looks like he died happy, and I sure nuf hope I do too.

Just breathing the air this morning fills me with a marvelous feeling. Winter is gone, spring done sprung. My feel are happy, I am at a good pace and my long legs are quivvering with excitement at exercise. Awwww, spring and all the things we need to do. Like reminding Ellie to clean up the dead snowman.

I was so excited about my walk today, because a month ago, the jonquils started. I thought our snow we had and then the ice storm a week later would have killed them off, but I could see from the kitchen window that they were starting to regenerate, and I wanted so bad to fill my kitchen with Jonquils and daffodils. So, here is my field, I hope that you enjoy the view. Another week, these things will be completely yellow.

From the dead, new life springs eternal. Or something like that. I'm going to get my ashes on my forehead tonight. Through death (ashes to ashes) we find new life. I am so excited about the start of this Lenten season. Die to your old ways and find the peace that you have always wanted. Spend some quiet time with the Lord. I did today.



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