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Monday, April 03, 2006

Critters I can do well without on this planet

SNAKES. I hate them to no end.

And where we are, we have found Cottonmouths and other nasty nasty ones that skeer me to death.

So, this yukky Monday, I heads to my office, pulls the blinds to let the sun in, and right out my window I see this piece of shit snake. Now, photo doesnt do this bitch justice, I grabs my camera and went up high on the deck to shoot the bastard (with my camera, but wouldnta minded a fucking gun) and this dude is like thin but 5 feet long!

I sent this photo to my redneck neighbor, and she shore 'nuf assured me this King Snake was a nice snake, and by God, he'd keep the mean ones away!

Screw that, I went out and shot it again, this time with the double barrell.

'Bout pissed my pants. EW, I hates snakes.


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