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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lookie what Jethro done did

When we bought this farm, there was this old Jacobson mower in the barn. Full of mice and red wasps, there waddnt a screw, wingnut, clamp or any piece of metal on this whole machine that werent rusted.

And I jus hates to tell ya, Elmer jus aint a fixin man. OH!, but he got hisself some big'un dreams, yep, he can dream real big now. Hes a gonna fix it up and mow the shit out of this field.

So, he takes it to 3 different places in and around town and not a one of them didnt laugh first, then take like 2 months to finally tell us they cant do a thing for it, it is shot ta hell.

Well, Elmer thinks he gets this sucker on the line, "gots me a big'en sweetie", he says to me, "I am going to trade that heap for a chain link fence some dude up'in the road got".

Well, it took some time, but that dude worked every night after work, and scrimped and saved for parts that needed replaced, and they called us up fer a beer one night not too long ago, and this is what we done saw when we pulled in'ta the driveway:

Elmer done lost it. He is so sick over loosing that thang now, he swore he couldda done it hadnt I let him. ME?????



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