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Friday, June 02, 2006

I done stole this from the dude who looks like Mr Clean (I have to add him to my list over tare on da side, it is Free Writer, and No I shore nuf do NOT know how to link).

I have mine check with X in dark green, and may add comments in green italics. Have at it, I may do like the LeChat kitten and comment on MeMeMondays on each one I done checked, and maybe some those I didnt.

Do you have:
( ) your own cell phone NO I DO NOT HAVE ONE DONT WANT ONE
(X) a tv in your bedroom
( ) an ipod
(X) a photo printer
(X) your own phone line duh fer the office
( ) TiVo or a generic digital video recorder
(X) high-speed internet access (aka not dialup)
( ) a surround sound system in bedroom
(X) dvd player in bedroom
( ) at least a hundred DVDs
(X) a childfree bathroom
(X) your own in-house office
( ) a pool Momma back home does, dang I miss it
( ) a guest house
(X) a game room the yung'uns call it their living room ala teenagers
(X) a queen-size bed or larger KING BABY only way to go!
(X) a stocked bar how can I be a drunk without one? LOL
(X) a working dishwasher
(X) an icemaker
(X) a working washing machine and dryer
(X) more than 20 pairs of shoes I am woman hear me shop, er ROAR
(X) at least ten things from a designer store
(X) expensive sunglasses
(X) framed authentic art and even some of mine
(X) Egyptian cotton sheets or towels
(X) a multi-speed bike dunno, does a 10-speed count?
( ) a gym membership
( ) large exercise equipment at home
(X) your own set of golf clubs John-Boy uses them in the fields I dont have time
( ) a pool table
( ) a tennis court
(X) local access to a lake, large pond, or the sea the creek in the woods?
( ) your own pair of skis
( ) enough camping gear for a weekend trip in an isolated area
( ) a boat
( ) a jet ski
(X) a neighborhood committee membership LMFAO, yea, the snakes, coons, skeeters and I get 2gether ever once in a while.....
( ) a beach house or a vacation house/cabin
(X) wealthy family members
(X) two or more family cars do the John Deere count? I can go to the store on it.
(X) a walk-in closet or pantry
(X) a yard 20 fuggin acres, I would say YEP got one
(X) a hammock
( ) a personal trainer
(X) expensive jewelry
( ) a designer bag that required being on a waiting list to get
(X) at least $100 cash in your possession right now
(X) more than two credit cards bearing your name (not counting gas cards or debit cards) but I only use the one that gets me points off GM cars
(X) a stock portfolio
( ) a passport
( ) a horse
( ) a trust fund (either for you or created by you)
(X) private medical insurance
(X) a college degree, but no student loans

Do you:
( ) shop for non-needed items for yourself (like clothes, jewelry, electronics) at least once a week
( ) do your regular grocery shopping at high-end or specialty stores
( ) pay someone else to clean your house, do dishes, or launder your clothes (not counting dry-cleaning) HUH??????????????? Isnt that what I squirted them that chilrens out fer?
( ) go on weekend mini-vacations
( ) send dinners back with every flaw what, and I would have to recook them?
(X) wear perfume or cologne (not body spray)
( ) regularly get your hair styled or nails done in a salon Lawd, I fuggin WISH
( ) have a job but don’t need the money
( ) stay at home with little financial sacrifice
( ) pay someone else to cook your meals — not counting McDonalds again, KIDS should learn to cook at early age.
( ) pay someone else to watch your children or walk your dogs can I pay somebody to TAKE them?
( ) regularly pay someone else to drive you
( ) expect a gift after you fight with your partner O-MY-GAWD do people REALLY expect gifts? I am thankful for a "hello" when he walks in the door.

Are you:
( ) an only child
(X) married/partnered
( ) baffled/surprised when you don’t get your way

Have you:
( ) been on a cruise
( ) traveled out of the country
(X) met a celebrity hee hee heeeeeee!
( ) been to the carribean
( ) been to europe Goin to Italy soon! YAY
( ) been to hawaii Gots cousins there, gots ta get there someday
( ) been to new york city no desire
( ) eaten at the space needle in seattle
(X) been to mall of america
( ) been on the eiffel tower in paris aint been to Europe, how couldda I done that?
( ) been on the statue of liberty in new york again, no desire
(X) moved more than three times because you wanted to
(X) dined with local political figures
( ) been to both the Atlantic coast and the Pacific coast Been to Pacific and Gulf, never Atlantic

Did you:
( ) go to another country for your honeymoon Colorado first one, still aint taken second and aint lookin promisin
( ) hire a professional photographer for your wedding or party
(X) take riding or swimming lessons as a child
(X) attend private school us Catholic girls know how ta have all the fun **wink**
(X) have a Sweet 16 birthday party thrown for you


Blogger patti_cake said...

You are a hoot, Doo Dah, a real honest-to-goodness HOOT! :)

2:43 PM CDT  
Blogger Phain said...

I am SO stealing this from you...

9:41 AM CDT  
Blogger kojak said...


Check out my article, THE FAMOUS PYROMANIA STORY on my blog and let me know what you think.

12:28 PM CDT  
Blogger Kristi said...

laughed at why you had kids!!!

I had my girl for the same reason.


2:52 PM CDT  
Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Too funny!

And who was the celebrity you met??? C'mon...tell! :)

8:07 AM CDT  

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