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Friday, May 26, 2006

Blog Ketch-up

Sorry that I haint blogged ya'll for a bit.

I gonna splain, then I got some stuff to gets offa my chest.

Work has been unbearably busy. Home life is in termoil. Elmer and I are pretty close to callin it kapoots. He and I done had it out the other day, I told him I was plumb tired of doin it all and sits on his ass readin the paper or watchin the television. He swears is never wrong UGH I fuggin hates me them bullheaded people. My baby aint a baby no mo, Ellie started her period.

And then, 2 things happened yesterday, both are related yet separate, which brings me ta the reason that I blog today, I gots ta get this off of my chest.

Before I blogged, and a little into the beginning of bloggin, I was a poster on a message board.

Now, if'n ya'll aint never been on a message board, then ya'll in for a wide open eye awakenin. It is a little weirder than bloggin, for people get catty and fight and hide behind numerous names and pretend they arent that name (they call it trolling), well, needless ta say, it gets pretty nasty. To boot, it was majority women, and figger women who aint got nuttin better ta do with most their day than talk to pretend pals on a message board. Now, I unnerstand there is exceptions to that, like me, I was on for a few hours a day, hell, I own a business. But if'n ya were to go in at any given time, morning noon night, middle of night, some of those broads were on there ALL THE TIME. Jeeez, what a sad life and existence.

I has dropped that part of my life for the blog world, people comment, they dont fight. I has made some blog pals, we check each other's blogs and laugh and comment. HNT is fun, I aint never seen anybody tell one person they was flabby or ugly when posting a HNT. Everbody is cool with each other.

These broads on the MB have been doing what they call "trolling", and that is that hiding behind fake names and picking on people who in everday think they are friends. It is backstabbin in the worst way. You get to know a person on the board, then troll and say the things that will hurt them the most. If you let anything out about yourself, you are in for an attack. They will pick on anything, and it is really sad. People are truly hurt over this stuff.

One chick even gets on, starts a topic like racism, or something people has really big opinions about, then says "Oh, welll I gots to run and work/eat lunch/do something" and supposedly leaves, when in fact, she backs out just as arguing commences, maybe pops in as a name nobody thinks is her, makes trouble, when all her pals come to her rescue, comes back in and says the same thing every time, "LMAO, this board cracks me up!". It takes a real peanut brain to figure this broad out, but yet, some of them are so blind to her, it is halarious. She has a following who claim that she never fights. GAWD some people are SO FUGGIN BLIND.

Ok, so I was at this point of seldom ever posting on there because I had got my blog groove on and was enjoying myself. I had done left the petty shit behind and was happier for it.

About 4 months ago, a friend asks me to pop in and have some fun. So, I go on this particular day and have goofy fun, posting fun stuff, like "remember when" 1970s stuff. We was all having the time of our lives remembering banana seats and Dr Scholls and Candies shoes, I had a Mrs Beasley doll, etc etc etc. When out the blue, comes this chick out of nowhere and claims I was this nasty troll that had been pesterin some of the women on that board a few weeks before. Now, I saw that troll, and I actually agreed with the troll, all he did was point out some quirks, but really did no one any harm like others have.

Needless to say, I was a bit shocked, cause I sure nuf dont have all dammm day long like some these women on there that waste their lives away on this board. I was hurt. I dont know why I cared so much, but I hates being falsely accused of something.

I had this friend on this board who I had grown pretty close with. She was, and still is, alot like me. She knows me, and I asked her to stick up for me. She refused. I was blown away. This girl and I had gone beyond the message board, we knew each other's addresses and phone numbers, we emailed every day, several times a day. I cared very deeply for her, like a life long friend. I sent a monetary donation for her sister who has terrible MS and is a single mom. I sent herbs from my garden. I sent Christmas gift. When she refused to stand by me and simply say "DooDah is not like that" I was offended. Yes, I lashed at her. I called the friendship quits. I am the truest friend that you will ever have. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I am brutally honest, but I am as loyal as a dog. My friends I have had all of my life know this. I am a friend thru thick and thin, and ya can count on me for anything. Somebody doesnt return the friendship, yes, I has harsh words to say.

Then, the troll stuff erupts again yesterday. Not that I was on that board, I have avoided the anger there for a long time, havent even missed it. I recvd a bunch of emails from those people letting me know it was happening (probably hoping I would go in and argue, just so they can get their jollies). One of which was my friend. I have not heard from her for months. Then out the blue, she emails, with a little angel picture, and wants to know if I knew the truth, and if indeed I was that troll. I was pissed, the fuggin girl never knew me at all. If she did, she would know it wasnt me.

So I blew at her. Nicely at first. I was like "why did you now decide to email me"?

She wrote back "why not?? the fake sugar was fuggin drippin offa that email. I could have just seen her batting her eyelashes. . . .

So I ripped her a new one.

Of course, being bullheaded like my Elmer, and being so much like me, she tossed it all back on me.

I was like OOOOOOOOOOO KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, is this chick worth my blood pressure any more? NO

Do I care what she and those others that I havent talked to for months think about me anymore? NO

Now, the oddest part comes forth - I lurk in and peek at what is going on and why my name is in this, and I find out that another friend has faked-up an email from me, and diced up the verbage and sent it to others to try to prove I was the troll. I was like, looking thru history of my emails and I found the one she forwarded, and it didnt say those things. When she forwarded, she edited words in and out of my portion of the email.

I mean, really, this whole blog post, my mind races to tell you and to try to comprehend, why are people like this?

What possible pleasure do people get from making people upset? and then faking it to make somebody else, an innocent bystander, the culpret?



Blogger patti_cake said...

If I were you honey I woudl cut them loose and not go near that board again. Who needs the aggravation and asshats will always be asshats. It's sad that you thought you were friends and she turned out to be a backstabber. Not much worse than that. A pox on her. Meh.
I hope you and Elmer get things straightened out. Marriage is a twisting, turning road isn't it?

10:08 AM CDT  
Blogger Nonblond said...

Stay away from the boards. It's not worth going somewhere where people back-stab and upset you. Best of luck on the marriage--I wish you the best.

5:56 PM CDT  
Blogger Phain said...

I agree honey - walk away - just walk away and don't look back. It will be tough because as I'm sure you've found in blogger world - the friends here are very real, not any less so than real life friends. But think - if this were happening IRL, how would you react?? And if you need to vent about Elmer...you know how to reach me! (((HUGS)))

8:28 PM CDT  
Blogger Kristi said...

that was some post!
lots of emotion there. it always helps to get it out. I hope you are feeling better.
you don't need to be there with the message board stuff.
Anxiety is not worth the entertainment. its jsut not.
Life is too short.
Sometimes shorter than we think.

i;m sorry for your relationship. Is there no way for it to be saved??
take care..

11:02 PM CDT  
Blogger Memphis Steve said...

I've encountered people like this at several of the big corporations I've worked for. Everywhere you go there are people who just love to hurt people, and the more people they can hurt at one time the better they like it. Message boards are a natural gathering place for that sort of person because of the anonymity and the ease with which you can create the illusion of having multiple people on your side (all you, of course). There has never been a shortage of bullies and growing up doesn't seem to have any effect on them at all. They remain bullies, but they may try harder to hide it. I used to comment on message boards, too. Sometimes I still will, if it's important to me, but I never stick around to engage in the conversation. It always turns into something ugly.

Oh, and as for what someone did with faking your email, that's called "Spoofing". I had a coworker do that to me at FedEx to get me into trouble. He also did it to our boss to get him into trouble so that the spoofer could get his job. Ultiimately he did get his job and then I was gone as fast as I could go. He was a psycho, just the sort of person who would love to go onto message boards and see how many people he could hurt in one day.

11:42 AM CDT  

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