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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My neighbor

The udder day my neighbor, who is blonde, came a running up ta me in the field just a jumpin like a bunny!

I didnt knowed why she was a jumpin but I done thunk, "Doo Dah, what the heck, start jumpin up n down wif her n has ya sum fun".

She said, "I shore do has great news!"

I says back, "Great! Tells ole Doo Dah why you so danged happy".

She stopped jumpin, and she was a breathin heavy from all that there jumpin n shit, she done tole me that she was knocked up! I knowed that she been tryin fer a while so I done tole her, "That great girl! I could bust my britches fer ya!"

Then she done tole me, "There is more".

I axed, "Whachu mean there is 'more'?" She says, "Well, we not just havin jus one baby. We gonna has us some TWINS!"

I shonuf was plum tickled but amazed at how she knowed so soon after getting preggers, so I done axed her how she knowed it.

She says ta me, "Well, that thar was the easy part. I done went to Wal-Mart n they actually had a home test kit in a twin-pack. Both tests done come out positive!"



Blogger patti_cake said...

And I was believing it! LOL former blonde here

9:30 AM CDT  
Blogger erika said...

LOL that was funny. Thanks for the laugh! Have a great vacation!

10:40 AM CDT  
Blogger kaliblue said...

ROFLMAO..Girl ya had me going fer a minute..:-)

1:02 PM CDT  
Blogger Leigh said...

LMAO... That is soo cute. Thanks for the giggles.

2:16 PM CDT  
Blogger Sal said...

LOL, that was a good one!

2:44 PM CDT  
Blogger Kristi said...


9:05 PM CDT  
Blogger Phain said...

i think i just peed myself...

10:02 PM CDT  

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