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Friday, April 21, 2006

dreary yo hum rainey ass days

It has rained for 2 Godammm days now. I am in my post-tax-season slump. Normally, I sleep for pert near 3 ta 4 days thereafter, but I haint got there as yet. I shore'nuf needs to.

Well, my soapbox I was a standin on yesterday - well it is now a bitchin box and I is still onnit.

Well, maybe not bitchin an cryin about people in this world today. Just my Elmer.

Elmer is my best friend. But, can ya fall "out of love" with your spouse? I love him as a friend. I used ta love him as a lover, but things (him) has changed, or maybe I just opened my eyes and am tired of the same ole same ole.

He does things that make my teeth grind. Finnernails on chalkboard shit. It is procrastination. Then there is the arrogance. Sometimes, I make a statement, he corrects me like I is a idiot. It is his vocal tone. I hate it.

Dont get me wrong, now, he is a good man. It just takes him forever to get sumptin done. Me, well, I get up and work from dawn to dusk. Own my own bizness, cook, clean, trot the kids to and from school cause I dont like the toofless bus drivers round here drivin like they smokin crack.

He comes home, says as I is cookin last night, "is there sometin I can do to help?" I say, "well, I dunno, lemme see" and as those words coming from my lips, he sits down and opens the paper. It is like he offers just to lay it on the table and say HE OFFERED. It like that everday.

I mean, fuckin get off you ass and just DO IT. Do I have to give directions? Do you not have eyeballs and see the dishes stacked that can go in the dishwasher? Do you not see all the shit you leave layin around in my kitchen/house? Figger it OUT!

He bought Ellie those boink bunnies in April last year. They been in my kitchen in boxes since. Ellie has to change the newspapers 3 times a day, and the house smells like rabbit piss. Last June, my Pa was down and helped Elmer get a rabbit hutch started. When he came again last week, he was shocked to see the rabbits still in the house, and the hutch pushed up against the house in the same condition it was when he left pert near a year before.

(I had since had Ellie keep them in a bathroom off'n the mud room and the door stays shut. Kinda keeps the smell down, but knocks ya offn yer feet should ya hafta go pee pee, that and ya has eyeballs watching as ya pull yer britches down.)

But, that is how everything goes round here. He is really good at his office job because he analyzes everthing. If'n he were to start something here, he stands and over analyzes it for an hour. Or he will sit down and read the paper. Ya know how long it has been since I done read the paper?

We havent taken a vacation since the summer Ellie started 1st grade. She is about to start 7th grade this fall. It surely isnt that we caint afford it. It is the procrastination. Wait to the last minute shit, then the reservations caint be made, or the airfare is too high (less than 2 week notice).

OK, I need to stop before I rant my self into tears again. I just do not know what to do, other than take complete control of everthing myself and just start doin things like it was before I moved down here and married him. Thing is, he gets mad if the decisions arent joint, like redoin this house. In 3 years, we have not completed ONE ROOM. I keep askin to do one room start to finish. No, he hopscotches all over and nothing ever gets done. That and he sits on the tractor doin stupid bushhoggin shit outside. He wont hire anybody to do nothing. Too expensive. BULL! (fyi we make over 6 digits combined)

Maybe I is just still upset about the anniversary gift. Oh, cross that, NO ANNIVERSARY GIFT.

HRUMPH. rain rain go away come again another day little doo dah wants to play


Blogger mtnmama said...

a big hairy welcome back. sorry to hear how blah things are in your land. i can just say a huge amen to many of your complaints though. not that it helps - but you're not the only one chica. to answer your question - i honestly think most guys "can't see". not until they absolutely have to for days and days on end. why don't you take a little vactaion yourself and leave a nice detailed list of what you do everyday. ramble ramble. hug hug.

4:51 PM CDT  
Blogger Farmboy 2 said...

WOW!! some men love to start projects but dont like to finish them. I agree though the rbbits have to go outside. i love your HNT

11:21 PM CDT  
Blogger poody said...

My ex was the same way girl. It took us 2 yrs to remodel the master bathroom and it still ain't done yet. I have a friend who says if it has wheels or a dick it ain't nothing but trouble. I say amen to that and the bad part is they are both things we need in life but have no idea how they work?? Go figure! Men, can't live with 'em ,can't adequately hide the body parts. Oh, thanks for stopping by my blog keep coming back. I love maxine BTW Hell, I think I am Maxine.

9:48 AM CDT  
Blogger Phain said...

oh good god woman - we just switch names and places and call your story my own! where the heck do they grow men like this and can we offer up some weed killer to them?

5:33 PM CDT  
Blogger shutterbugger said...

mtnmama, farmboy, poody and lechatquiapeur:

(ESPECIALLY lechatquiapeur)

Thanks. I thought I was plumb fuckin crazy.

I am making plans.

Long term plans.

I cant leave with nothing, so I plan and take what I deserve with me.

maybe a year or more down the road. . . . . .

I love my blogger pals.

7:29 PM CDT  

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