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Thursday, April 20, 2006

HNT: What the Fuck is Wrong with this World?

OMG, ya'll better sit on down fer this 'un.

It may be I is havin a little "down" time after doin taxes. Usually I gets a cold cause I am so run down.

It may be that I is feelin a bit worthless, cause Elmer didnt fucking get me an anniversary gift.

It was an anniversary divisible by 5 Godammmit.

It may be that, after 3 1/2 months of taxes and audit day, night and weekends, coupled with a week and half of visitin company (yea, during tax season) is finally over, I can now reclaim my house and clean the fuck out of it since my Godammm family caint even put a freeekin dish in the dishwasher without my help.

It may very well be that I am righteous, but dont fucking tell me, cause you WILL be wrong.

I am a woman, Goddammmit, fucking figure that one out.

No. That not it either.

I am sure that I am completely sane and everybody else has lost their minds all together.

I actually cried at both of these stories on the news. And I gots tough skin.

There are gangs in Las Vegas (and I am sure everplace else in the US) that do these mob attacks on innocent people. For kicks, grins and giggles, I recon, they gets dozens to converge on an innocent person and fists flailing and feets a kickin, beat the tar out of people for NO APPARENT REASON. A certain gang in LV went on a 6 block beating spree, which also included a robbery where the asswipes just all walked into a store, took what they wanted, walked out, came back and beat the shit out of the clerk. In all, I believe the newscast said 5 people were in the hospital.

Nobody was robbed 'cept the store. No apparent reason for the beatins.

Now this next one really made me cry. Primarily because I wasnt sure of where it happened, and when I found out, I was really surprised it wasnt in the US.

Masked men came into an elementary school and beheaded 2 teachers in their classrooms, IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN.

Okay, so it happened in Iraq. Who was to say that it wasnt or couldnt have been in the US?

So, with all that said, here is my HNT for today, and this goes out to all the assholes in this world who have no respect for other human beings.


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