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Monday, September 26, 2005


I had a totally fucking terrible weekend. I am in the most depressed mood, I could just curl up in bed and sleep for days. I cannot pinpoint it on one thing in particular, just the whole damn thing.

I tried to post a blog this weekend to cheer me up, and the freekin picture would not load. I am so computer stupid it aint even funny, so I dont know if it was me or this blog. I have had trouble with it before, searched all over help for assistance, wrote an email and got some stupid generic reply back telling me to go to help and look where I already had. WTF! I told the chick I had already done that, she sent me yet another generic "look here in help" answer. I HAD DONE THAT TOO! So I told her, and she wrote another email telling me that Blogger did not support that type of trouble. HUH? HOW STUPID.


Then again, the whole weekend blew because the Steelers lost to the Patriots. UGH.

yeee haw. hrmph


Blogger Memphis Steve said...

20 acres? You have 20 acres?! Where did you move to? Atoka?

We've been looking around up there, but the wife is so resistant to moving even though she hates where we are. It's like the rock and the hard place are one and the same.

Don't fret none over your lousy weekend. There's always really shitty weeks to make even a lousy weekend seem good in comparison.

Wait, that didn't come out quite the way I'd intended.

word is: cronmed

2:39 PM CDT  
Anonymous sharkbait_18 said...

I agree with Memphis Steve!!! Everyone can have fucked up weekends,months, ummm years.... LOL Hang in there buddy !! I see the light shining hard at the end of the tunnel!!!

6:20 PM CDT  

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