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Friday, October 07, 2005

from CityYankee to CitySouth to PoDunkTown

The temps fell yesterday and the Midsouth is enjoying it's 3 days of fall. For those of you who do not have the "pleasure" of living down here, the Southern seasons go from upper 90s (summer) until October, 3 days of fall in the 70s to winter brown and dead and dreary.

I miss the fall colors of the North, the fantastic array of red, gold, orange, yellow. The cool sweatshirt and blue jeans days of football games and bonfires. Trick-er-treating with a sweatshirt on under the costume. Hell, we even had one when we were kids that we had our parkas on under because of a snowstorm.

Here, the kids sweat under costumes. Costume makeup runs off. Pumpkins rot on the front porch if you carve them and leave them outside for more than a day.

I have been meloncholy and a bit depressed lately, and I believe I know why now, I miss fall.

I do have to admit, there is a brief yet fantastic show of color on I-40 between Nashville and Memphis. I know temps are a bit cooler in Nashville, and the areas inbetween must lay lower geographically, but this Memphis area is just brown while we have to roadtrip to see colors.

I think I am going to turn the thermostat down, lite a fire in the fireplace, cook me up some spiced apple cider, make some beef stew and and get my fake orange and red silk leaf decorations from Hobby Lobby and pretend my living room is the Midwest.

Maybe that will oooomph me up!?!?!?! YEEE-HAW!


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