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Sunday, September 18, 2005

No cow wudda been able to jump THAT moon

Holy COW people, did you all see the same moon that I saw at 7:30cst last night? OMG was it HUGE and BEEEE-U-TEE-FUL! We were in the car on our way into the city to go out to dinner, and I wished that I had my digital camera in the car to share what I saw!

Well, an update on my finger. Elmer thought that I needed a stitch or two because the dern thing squirted blood like a stuck pig, but we bandaged it pretty tight and I think I will survive. This typing thing isnt easy, the backspace and delete keys are getting quite a workout from my editing as I type.

BTW, just what does a stuck pig look like when it bleeds? Never mind, that is one area this countryfied former city chick ain't-a-goin to. I suppose that since I have hayseeded myself, I may just have to learn some day.

Well, more on this here farming thing. Since we moved out here now a little more than a year ago, we have gone to the animals. 6 birds, 2 chickens and a rooster (more on those 3 later), 2 rabbits and a dog. Not to mention that my daughter loves everything that has legs, like caterpillars. Oh, and another thing we have out here that we didnt in the city: SNAKES ewwwww. Well, the only time I can handle them is when I have run over them with the tractor's finishing mower. YAK!

Oh and did I say 2 rabbits? Did you all know that on this farm, in rabbit math, 1+1=8 ? And that we seemingly have no control on these furry sluts, because since we found out last Saturday morning that the dumb ass things escaped and got together AGAIN, come mid-October, addition may turn into multiplication, because we may at that time surpass a dozen? One of my friends strongly recommended frogs rather than rabbits. Does anybody sell bunny condoms?

Until next time, YEE-HAW!

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