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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My choices of hottest men

Must be the mood that I am in, I am in lust with men today.

Okay, I know most will not agree with me, some may laugh. I see these men as all having some common traits: dark hair, dark smoldering eyes, all speak in a low voice, all have shown to be actually human in interviews that I have seen. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

Hottie number 1: The COLEMAN DUDE from General Hospital
As far as swarthy-ness, he tops the list. mmmmmmmmmmmm

Hottie number 2: Robert Downey Jr.

Problems and all, been on my list for a multitude of years, since I first saw him in that movie where he was a teen addicted to coke. Shown to be human as his real life drama has unfolded, unfortunately, in front of the whole world.

Since he started singing, has moved from a hottie to a MAKE ME SWEAT hottie.

Hottie number 3: John Cusak

I have loved every movie he has made, saw the interview last week with David Letterman and he is so intelligent and real. Watch Serendipity and you will understand.

Lastly, today's pick for Hottie number 4: Anthony LaPaglia.

This is a recent addition to my list, as I have just found his show and have decided his low voice is the cat's meow (prrrrrrrrrrr). Saw an interview about a month ago, I think on "The View", and who doesnt love a man who is so committed to his wife?!?!? Way cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

john cusak. delicious. yum yum.



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